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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

As always, (usually?) you can see the whole double-page spread by following this elegant and finely-crafted link!


The Mechanicsburg Tourism Song

A bespoke piece of quaint civic pride by Tom Smith



Mechanicsburg, Mechanicsburg,

Welcome to Mechanicsburg!

There's no finer city from

St. Petersburg to Rome.


Mechanicsburg, Mechanicsburg,

The loveliest we've ever heard of,

Jewel of Europa and

The place where we call home.


How mighty are her mighty walls,

How shiny are her clanks,

How beautiful her dairy farms,

And for her cheese we all give thanks.


How glorious her Hospital

Which helps folk far and near,

Bill and Barry Heterodyne

Built it for us here.


Mechanicsburg, Mechanicsburg,

Welcome to Mechanicsburg,

We thank you so for visiting,

With every erg and ohm.


Mechanicsburg, Mechanicsburg,

The greatest burg we've ever heard of,

Jewel of Europa and

The place where we call home.


Tom Smith

Music In Every Style -- Except Dull



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