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Monday, August 06, 2012


We're in Cambridge, and this weekend, we'll be at Congenial in the UK:
Congenial is the next in the series of Unicon and British Roleplaying Society conventions. It will be held on August 10th--12th 2012 at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge.
We arrived yesterday, and took the train up from London. Nearly everyone on the tube is wearing Olympics logos or carrying branded stuff. I'm typing this with a large happy Siamese cat named Hugo sitting on my arms, so it's a bit slow. I'm glad I can touch type. Hey, even though I'm not up for a Hugo (award) this year, I've still got one. Yay! (Well, this one, I do have to give back...)

Girl Genius Volume 11 Pre-Orders Are Now Shipping
Volume 11 of the Girl Genius Collection arrived last week, and our helpers are sending them out as quickly as they can, starting with the oldest pre-orders and moving up from there. I will make another announcement when they've all gone out.

Edit: CONGRATULATIONS, NASA! You did it! Your smiles are beautiful. (Yes, we're stalking you online.) Why isn't "Landing Robots on Mars" an Olympic event? That would be the BEST.



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