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Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Planet Karen, Fire, Pestilence, Chaos, Disorder and Wondercon! Also...Tentacles.
A Message from Prof. Foglio

Karen Ellis, who does the autobiographical webcomic Planet Karen, is currently dealing with the smoking remains of her apartment. By all reports, she's got next to nothing except the goodwill of other cartoonists, and maybe some socks. Here's a link to her site, where you can read her work and possibly donate a little to the arts. It's been quite the month, everybody.

We've all had some kind of nasty flu that's been going around. Flu shots will only cover so much territory... bleah. Even Phil got sick. This is how you know it's bad. He's perking up now, though, just in time for:

Wondercon! Phil will be there. Alice Bentley will also be there, to help run the booth. (Booth 1241 in the exhibitor's hall. Please visit!) I will not be there. I am still feeling dreadful, and have to get some actual paying work done before the month is over. The cash money Phil earned at Katsucon was stolen from the hotel safe, and the dunning calls are getting spooky...

As I said, it's been quite a month. Quick, I must think of something happy to tell you... hm... Phil brought me a stuffed tentacle from Katsucon! Just in time for Valentine's Day! Whoa. That didn't come out right... oh, dear.

Oh, and don't worry that there aren't a lot of news posts just yet. I just added this news page! This is only the third post I've made! My site isn't on the blink, I just have to write more. Thanks!

My personal LiveJournal, which I sometimes even update, can be found here.

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