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Tuesday, October 16, 2012
NEWS 2012/10/16
A Message from Professoressa Foglio

Girl Genius Books: Coming Soon from TopatoCo:
We are very excited to be handing the direct sales of our Airship Entertainment products over to the wonderful people at They are all set up to sell you fun things from lots of great webcomics, and we absolutely LOVE the idea of not having to pack orders in our basement any more. Our books aren't listed there yet, but should be turning up in the next week or so. Watch this space for more news! If you're in a really big hurry, our work is still available at many wonderful book stores, including all the usual online book stores. Thank you so much, everyone who has been our customer over the years. Our sales have simply gotten too big for us to handle ourselves, and we really need to concentrate on making more things over shipping more things!

We Have a New Assistant:
As many of you know, Studio Foglio is a teensy company, and we have a lot of trouble getting everything done. We are constantly buried under eMail, and have relied on extra help to manage it all. (Even so, we're not that good at it, outside of the basic customer service stuff.) Alice, who has been our assistant for quite a while now, has recently gone to work full-time at Magic Mouse Toys in Pioneer Square. We are now in the process of showing our new assistant, Gwendolyn, the of our inboxes, so please be patient with us all as we get everything sorted out and answered. Welcome, Gwendolyn! Thank you for all your hard work, Alice!

SteamCon is Almost Here!:
And we'll be there, at the Girl Genius booth in the vendor's area. In addition, Cheyenne and Eli will be running their annual Lady Heterodyne Airship Regatta and Fancy Hat Party on Sunday morning at 11:00 in Grand E-F.

Girl Genius Volume 11 Pre-Orders Have Shipped
As of 8/16/2012, all of the pre-ordered copies of Girl Genius Volume Eleven (that didn't include original art) have shipped!
The Original art orders are still being worked on, but we're getting there. The current plan is to schlep out to Cheyenne's place, get the books connected with those orders signed, and send the books on ahead of the artwork. That should happen sometime this week.

Our eBay Auctions Are Currently on Hold:
We're all pretty swamped with the new releases and the Summer travel, so we haven't had any new art posted in a while. We'll get back to it when things calm down.

New PDFs are Coming at DriveThruComics:
I am currently working to update all of the Girl Genius PDFs that can be found on It's taking forever! Soon, I will have posted the color version of Volume One, as well as the long-awaited Volume Eleven. Stay tuned!

My Web Page is Seriously Outdated:
In the next few weeks, I will be going over the Girl Genius site and fixing all the outdated ads and links. It's pretty embarrassing! It's going to take a while, though, because I have a lot of other things to hammer at. But I just want to let you all know that I am aware of all the things that don't currently work...

We Have NOT Forgotten About the Two As-Yet-Uncolored Page in the Archive:
Cheyenne will get the colors to me when he can, and when he does, I'll post them right away. Thank you all for the kind reminders! EDIT: It seems that Cheyenne somehow never got the black and white pages for those last two. Oh, the hilarity. Le sigh.


--Professoressa Foglio, Transylvania Polygnostic University Department of Almost Certainly True History.

My personal LiveJournal, which I sometimes even update, can be found here.

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Girl Genius is written by Professors Phil & Kaja Foglio of TPU, with drawings by Prof. P. Foglio.
Volume One was inked by Brian Snoddy. Volumes Two and Three were colored by Mark McNabb. Volume Four was colored by Laurie E. Smith. Cheyenne Wright is our current colorist. His work begins with Volume Five.

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