Friday, October 07, 2005
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I feel like a Jager translator today! (I won't do this every time, I just thought it would be funny this once.)


AGATHA: And that's quite enough of that. These people do not know who I am.

MAXIM: We understand, lady.



MAXIM: We have learned some things about you. You have escaped from Wulfenbach. He thinks you're dead. You're going to Mechanicsburg.

DIMO: But you travel through dangerous country with little protection. You want a nice, boring journey. We have already helped with that a lot, quietly.

OGNIAN: Master Payne, he also wants a nice boring journey. He has that fancy magic doll he wants to keep hidden.

MAXIM: Indeed, they're all afraid she'll get stolen and taken apart, like her sister. She is a clank. If she gets broken, it is just the same as dying, yes? Master Payne thinks that if that Prince got one nice toy from the circus, he might come looking to see what else they have.

DIMO: We're too close to the city now to go back without looking suspicious. But Master Payne, he's a smart man, he has a good plan.

OGNIAN: He wants us to help. But you are our mistress. You have to give your permission first.


(Agatha bugs her eyes)


AGATHA: You all seem remarkably on top of this. Are you sure you're Jägerkin?

DIMO: That is a good question. Sometimes we wonder.


DIMO: Have all those guys with the Baron gone soft over the years, or have we become… sharper because we left the group and have to think better? I think maybe both.


AGATHA: Why did you leave the group?

DIMO: It was…IS…the hardest thing ever for a Jäger to do.


DIMO:But it had to be done.

Friday, October 07, 2005
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