Friday, December 03, 2021
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Hello everyone!

We've been on Thanksgiving Holiday

Please be aware that Chris Sorensen, who handles our email and correspondence, has been on a well-deserved break with his family over our Thanksgiving holiday weekend. He says he’ll be back and ready to slog through the mail on Monday. So, if you've written to us, please be patient, he'll have just got back and there may be some backlog.

I'm Very VERY Nearly Done with the Shipping!

YES! I should have all the shipping I can currently do (Australia, I am so sorry, I check the restrictions every day) quite probably by the end of November! This means I'll be able to open up the BackerKit store to people who missed the Sparks and Monsters Kickstarter campaign, and I'm very excited about that. More information soon.

Phil will be at Emerald City Comic Con

Watch for Phil at the Girl Genius booth (118) at ECCC, Thursday, December 2 through Sunday, December 5! He’ll have lots of books and games, all of which make great Holiday presents! I’m not going, but I’m hoping to sign at least a few of the books before they leave the house, so I’ll have at least a small presence there.

Phil’s New Novel is Out!

Phil has written a new novel: The Night Sheriff. It’s the story of a vampire-like creature charged with the protection of a beloved theme park, and how he must defend himself, the park, and his fellow supernatural creatures from a mysterious outside threat. The book is now available from Amazon in paperback and kindle formats.

Thanks everyone, and have a wonderful week!--Kaja


A warm welcome to our newest craft licensee: Myth and Stitch Embroidery! Yes, we do a lot of our own patches, but the ones you'll see from Myth and Stitch are different, and really lovely. You may even like them better than ours! They also have embroidery designs, which we think are pretty cool. Please check them out!

(A long time ago, we had a simple, limited license contract put together to allow small-run artists and crafters (like the kind you see at cons) to make Girl Genius fan merchandise. You can see a page of really neat listings here! I'll get Myth and Stitch on there soon.)

Don't forget that the Girl Genius Wiki is at and someone pointed out that it was high time we added it to the main page. It's completely fan run, we had to find it by accident back in the day! It's amazing, and we sometimes use it to look things up when we're in a hurry.



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Friday, December 03, 2021
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