Agatha H and the
Clockwork Princess
A Girl Genius Novel
by Phil & Kaja Foglio
Jacket Art by Tom Kidd
300 Pages
Publisher: Night Shade Books

Hardcover Edition:
Release Date: April 2012
ISBN# 978-1-59780-222-2

Trade Paperback:
Release Date: Summer 2012

Find out more about Book One: Agatha H and the Airship City!

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Book Two, COMING SOON! Agatha H and the Clockwork Princess is now with our publisher! The uncorrected galleys just arrived today, so it's time to read through and try to catch all those last-minute mistakes. (ugh.)

Also, we still have hardcover editions of Book One: Agatha H and the Ariship City available at .


"Simply said, Girl Genius has everything I look for in a story."
----Patrick Rothfuss, bestselling author of The Name of the Wind
"a fantastic reintroduction (in a novel format) to the Girl Genius world and will definitely capture new fans. It will appeal to fans of the steampunk genre who like their books riddled with mad science and adventure, along with a liberal dash of humor."
 ----April Steenburgh/ Library Journal

"I wasn't familiar with the comic book series and only learned Agatha's charms from this novel. It's a splendid adventure as Agatha learns to use her considerable potential in a very interesting and inventive world."
 ----Fred Cleaver/ Denver Post

"I really did enjoy this book. It has just the right amount of action, romance, and even silliness that I would expect from a book based on a series of webcomics."
 ----Chad Walker/ Fandomania

Agatha H and the Airship City is a superb retelling of Phil and Kaja Foglio's award-winning Girl Genius comic that both remains true to the original while crafting new elements that will delight fans of the comic; at the same time, the Foglios manage to tell a story that will win over readers unfamiliar with the Girl Genius comics, creating an effective alloy of coherence and imagination that will delight readers."
----Robert A. Howard/ Tangents Reviews


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The Cover Artist:
Tom Kidd was, hands down, Phil & Kaja's first choice for cover artist, but they never got a chance to tell the publisher, because the publisher suggested him before they got a chance to say anything! Isn't it wonderful when everyone agrees? See his sketches and commentary at KIDDOGRAPHY.

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