Friday, January 26, 2024
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In an attempt to have mercy upon those who, for any reason, have trouble with the hammy dialect. Here you go!



Narrator: And outside Mechanicsburg--

Random Jäger (purple): I need to see the general.

Jäger guard: Yeah? Well, he's over there, but don't let him hear you call him that.


Random Jäger (purple): Hey! General! Cover your ears!


Random Jäger (purple): Ooo! What is that?

Dimo: Oh! You're curious? Good for you! This is our position! Over here we have the Wulfenbach guys (troops) and over here is the last place we saw the Reindeer Boys! (The troops of the Polar Lords.)


Random Jäger (purple): Okay, but what about this neat picture-y thing?


Random Jäger (bright blue): ...then after the Reindeer Boys left, there was all this ice around! And I dibsed (claimed) it for the party tonight, but this morning it was all gone!

Dimo: Okay, but then why did you punch Zamin?

Random Jäger (bright blue):He was laughing at me! So I think he took it!


Random Jäger (olive):...and the Reindeer Boys, a lot of them didn't have any hats, but those Wulfenbach guys have lots of hats! So we were thinking, maybe we could--

Dimo: NO!


Random Jäger (peach): So since you said not to fight the Wulfenbach guys, and the Reindeer boys are gone, we thought we would have a big fight at tonight's party, to see who gets--


Maxim: I don't get it (I don't understand) the battle's been over since yesterday, but the medical guys still want more supplies--

Dimo: That's because now we're fighting Jägers!


Ok, sorry about that, I hope this helped! Also, I noticed a mistake while I was doing this, so I'll fix that asap. Thanks everyone!


Join our mailing list! I might even get that newsletter done soon! I'm excited to try it out anyway. I'm collecting addresses over on, my new SquareSpace site that I'm using as a place to list our original art.

I've started streaming regularly and it's a lot of fun! I'm ProfessoressaFoglio on Twitch. My schedule is officially on Wednesdays and unofficially whenever I feel like it. We got the PS2 hooked up to my computer, so I've started streaming the original Ratchet and Clank video game, which I love. It's fun to revisit it after all these years!

I've added original pages from volumes 1-10 to! Of course, our main store is still the one at TopatoCo, but this little side one is for original art and extra stuff like the last of the OffWorld Designs Tshirts. I'll be posting things as I can, I have so much stuff I've let build up over the years. I've also now added a page featuring our current licensees and vendors!



Friday, January 26, 2024
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