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Contacting Studio Foglio

Why, yes, we have in the past made it a bit difficult to casually find an e-mail address on the page. (Other than our customer service contact, of course.) It's not that we're trying to be unfriendly, it's just that we already have so much mail to deal with that we are afraid to invite more.

However, since so many people have asked, here is a list of where to send what and how. We have used graphics for the actual e-mail addresses in a pathetic effort to protect our inboxes from mountains o' spam. We try to answer everyone promptly, but things get hairy around here sometimes and it may take a while. Don't be afraid to follow up if you don't hear from us, especially if you have a question about an order. Sometimes mail gets eaten by cyber-wolves.

Do please read our (horribly out-of-date, we're working on it) FAQ before you write with a question other than "Where's my stuff?" And now, on to the contact information:

Customer Service
If you are wondering where your order is or if you were shipped the wrong item, or have some other business-related question or complaint, please contact us. We will do our best to fix the problem. We want happy customers. Remember: we can't help you if we don't know that there is a problem, so please don't worry about "bothering" us. We want to hear from you. If you don't hear back from us, please don't assume we're evil. Write again. Something might have happened to your first message. It has happened. (This is our most important address, for it we brave the spam and include a clicky link.)

To find out where your stuff is, write to:

Technical Web Nitpicks
If something isn't working right on the site, please let us know. We are unlikely to notice everything ourselves, especially if it works perfectly on our system.

Do please remember that, although there are a lot of cool things that could be done with the site, Kaja is pretty busy just keeping the basics running smoothly. She selfishly tries to keep things simple in service of what is left of her sanity. So please don't be too offended if your amazing suggestion isn't acted upon right away, or even at all. Kaja may be lying down with a cold cloth on her head muttering "That would be soooo cool... I need another drink..."

To give Kaja a hearty push down the path of drunken insanity, write to:

Editorial Misery
Girl Genius is not written by committee. We're writing the story for ourselves, and we understand that not every other reader will always agree with our choices. Sorry about that, but we're having fun! However, if there is an (ahem) error involving the English language anywhere, we need to hear about it. Want to, no. Need to, yes. Please let us know before we put it into print and really embarrass ourselves. Thank you! Oh, the same goes for stupid use of non-English languages as well. We truly do rely upon the kindness of strangers. All we ask is that you try to restrain your contempt.

To tell us that the money spent on our college educations was wasted, write to:

Letters to the Professors
We read everything that isn't eaten by spam filters, and we try to sift through those regularly as well. Please be patient with us, and don't send us story ideas. We have lots of our own, and sending us yours compromises us legally. Find a fanfic group, they're out there, and they're wonderful! (So we hear, we're not allowed to look.)

To fill our days with song by telling us how much you love our comic, write to:

Actual Physical Mailing Address:

Kind letters and the like can be sent to:

Studio Foglio, LLC
2400 NW 80th St. #129
Seattle, WA
98117-4449 USA

This is not the actual location of our secret lair/studio! If you show up here, the nice people at the mailbox will happily sell you postage stamps, but we aren't there. All forms of mail, packages and FedEx-type items can be received at the above address.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND MAIL-ORDERS without first placing them through our online shopping cart for a grand total, which will include shipping to your exact address. The shopping cart will total your order, let us know that your check is coming, and give you a nice printout to mail along with your payment. It makes everybody's life so much easier.

Also, please DO NOT send us cards to sign. Some of the game cards that we did the artwork for are now quite valuable, and we simply cannot be liable for your precious collectibles. Thank you.

And finally– we thank you for your interest in and support of our comic. We are delighted with the positive response that our move to Web comics has brought!


Girl Genius is written by Professors Phil & Kaja Foglio of TPU, with drawings by Prof. P. Foglio.
Volume One was inked by Brian Snoddy. Volumes Two and Three were colored by Mark McNabb. Volume Four was colored by Laurie E. Smith. Cheyenne Wright is our current colorist. His work begins with Volume Five. Our email and social media assistant is Chris Sorensen.

Girl Genius is a registered trademark of Studio Foglio, LLC. Agatha Heterodyne, Transylvania Polygnostic and all Girl Genius art, characters, design elements and logos™ & ©2000-2022 Studio Foglio, LLC., All rights reserved. Airship Entertainment™ is an imprint of Studio Foglio LLC, and publishes Girl Genius Graphic Novels on a yearly basis. Look for them in your favorite bookstore!

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